Internship Solution

Interns Are Company Assets !

More and more companies in China have started to realise the benefits of utilizing intern talents and have started recruiting international interns according to their specific needs and business strategies. More Chinese companies are also learning and adopting sophisticated internship recruitment schemes to better conduct the selecting, managing, training and evaluating of international interns.

We see the following notable benefits of using international interns in a China based organization:

  1. International talent solution at little or no cost; a direct and low-risk way of maintaining an international talent pool.

  2. Taking advantage of the interns’ language skills to immediately improve the international presentation and competitiveness of your company.

  3. Interns are energetic with a passion for potential opportunities and desire for a local culture, they will bring to the Chinese team international vitality and add significant productivity;

  4. Gaining an international perspective and access to international market and clients information. Learning about foreign cultures and consumer behavior.

  5. Enabling local staff to practice their foreign language with native speakers.

  6. A valuable HR solution for a specific strategic stage during the company's development.

To better service the needs for hiring international interns of your company in china, as a professional recruitment and management consultancy, we proudly announce and bring to you our Internship China program. You can expect our professional and efficient intern selection, enrollment and management service.

We will ensure that your expectations about the interns role in your organization are met and that desired skill set is brought to you. Also, we will make sure that the prospective intern is fully aware of your expectations about their role in your organization, and on knowing the details, is positive about and committed to the project.

The service includes:

  • Selecting and enrolling interns based on your requirements in terms of nationality, mother language and second language, majored study and academic qualifications etc.

  • Providing a one-stop service to interns including (but not limited to) : visa application assistance or sponsoring, insurance, accommodation, language & culture training.

We can minimize your concerns on potential issues concerning the management of interns.

Next steps and what we ask from you:

  1. Please fill in the International Interns Request Information Form or use its online version and let us know in detail about you and your needs

  2. Sign the 'International Internship Program Service Agreement' with us concerning the recruitment, servicing and management of interns

  3. Where necessary, send a scanned 'Invitation Letter' for us to proceed with the application for the proper visas for selected interns

  4. We suggest you to assign a supervisor to coordinate with us the administration, training and supervision of interns

  5. Monthly allowance and/or stipend are not compulsory but will be appreciated

  6. To issue an 'Internship Reference Letter' upon the interns' successful completion of their internship

  7. To feed back us the experience and your evaluation of the internship program